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Aromaline Waterless Diffuser + Aroma oil 500 ml

Aromaline Waterless Diffuser + Aroma oil 500 ml





What's in the Box:

Aromaline Waterless Diffuser - The primary diffusing unit designed for convenient, waterless operation.

USB Type-C Cord - For powering the diffuser.

Power Brick - To connect the USB cable for charging or continuous use.

Warranty Card - Details about the product's warranty coverage.

Instructions - A guide to help you set up and use the diffizer efficiently.

Glue Wall Mount - Allows you to securely mount the diffuser on a wall.


Everything you need to start using your Aromaline Waterless Diffuser right out of the box.

  • Aromaline - Model B

    Advanced Atomization Technology: Transforms Berryline oils into a fine mist, without water.

    Versatile Power: USB or battery-operated for convenience and portability.

    Eco-Friendly: Low energy consumption, supporting a greener home.

    Exclusive Oils: Uses specially designed, all-natural Berryline aroma oils.

    Large Capacity: 500ml container, covers up to 500m3.

    Long-Lasting: Provides up to 7 years of aromatic bliss on the longest setting.

    Pet & Allergy Friendly: Safe scents that won’t cause headaches or reactions.

    Smart Control: App or machine operation with customizable scheduling.



    Power: 1W

    Voltage: 6W

    N/W: 0.52kg

    Capacity: 500ml

    Coverage: 300-500m3

    Size: 245H 167W 44D mm

    Support & Warranty
    Includes dedicated customer service and a 1-year machine warranty.

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